Unveiling Horace Studio

We announced the brand new website of Horace Studio, with the next giant leap new features and services.


With our email service, you can get a new professional email with our domain (@horacestudio.com). And you can get Google Workspace Essentials Starter benefits for free.


With our link shortener, you can forget and do not need to worry about sending long and messy links to others, instead of sending a short link with our domain (go.horacestudio.com/your-link) for free.


We know that a lot of people want to learn to code but don't know where to start. Thanks to our friend, Issac Ko, we make a complete set of tutorial on C++ to teach you all about C++, for free.


We all love FR Family, and we are lucky to get a partnership program with FR Family. So FR Family will start migrating their website to a new one with our domain (fr.horacestudio.com). And with the power of the Horace Studio Creator Team, the FR Family Official Website will provide more and more new and better features to us.


Horace Studio Newsroom is the source for news about Horace Studio. This can provide the official details about us, including updates to our website, new features, and new services. We are planning to introduce more and more things, please keep an eye on us.